Dharma Ocean Denver Meditation and Teachings for Awareness and Embodiment Dharma Ocean Denver  Meditation and Teachingsfor Awareness and Embodiment

2 Fall Updates: 


Beginning Nov. 2 we are collecting canned foods and adult clothing in good condition for donations to the Denver Rescue Mission.  Donations can be dropped off at Mayu Sanctuary (where we meet) at 1804 S. Pearl St., Monday-Friday between 10am and 7pm, or Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.


Starting January 5, Sean will be guest teaching for ten weeks at Dancing the Soul, near 9th and Monaco Parkway. Classes are on Monday nights from 7:30pm to 9:0pm.  Please contact Margie@DancingTheSoul.com or see www.DancingTheSoul.com for how to register. This event also has its own separate meetup page (click here).  This ten week series will teach you the main embodiment practices that are the foundation for meditation.

*To attend the events below (either in person or online), you are invited to become a member of our group at www.Meetup.com/DharmOceanDenver.  You are welcome to RSVP for classes for 14 days without becomng a contributing member.  Come try it out!


Visit our new YouTube channel for sample class videos here.  Or scroll down below for an introductory video from our meditation instructor!




All Tuesdays in November - a 10 week course is in progress




Nov. 6  The Three-Fold Breath with emphasis on the HEART center


Nov. 13 The Three-Fold Breath with emphasis on the THROAT center


Nov. 20 The Three-Fold Breath with emphasis on DISSOLVING PHYSCIAL BOUNDARIES


Nov. 27 CLOSED for Thanksgiving


Evenings are fully guided so they're a great opportunity to learn how to meditate.  Those who attend on a consistent basis, over several months, will learn a variety of body-based and traditional sitting meditation practices. Sean will use language that is accessible to anyone, regardless of background.  You can sit in a chair or on a cushion, meditation works either way.  It is very important that anyone who attend our group reads through the Orientation Page before their first visit.


To join Dharma Ocean Denver and see our full calendar of events, please visit www.Meetup.com/DharmaOceanDenver . After you've created a Meetup.com profile and joined the group, the easiest way to see what's happening is to click on the "Our Calendar" link on the left side menu bar of the Meetup page.  Then click on specific events for details.

What is our new live-streaming option like? Below is the introductory section of a recent class concerning embodied compassion.  Be sure to scroll down on this page to learn more about what's happening in our community.

Our Schedule, Location, and How to Join our Mailing List

To join our community, visit Meetup.com/DharmaOceanDenver (our public calendar) - this is how you can receive regular weekly schedule updates, and be part of the mailing list to hear from Sean or other community members.  The first 30 days is a "trial" period before monthly dues are requested. Try us out and see if this is something you'd enjoy!


We meet inside of Mayu Sanctuary, at 1804 S. Pearl St. Visit www.MayuSanctuary.com for their full offering of meditation supplies and other classes that happen there.

Sean McNamara, meditation teacher
Meditation Room at Mayu Sanctuary Our Meditation room
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