Dharma Ocean Denver Meditation and Teachings for Awareness and Embodiment Dharma Ocean Denver    Meditation and Teachings for Awareness and Embodiment  

Registration is open: 10-Week Meditation class on Tuesday nights, starting Oct. 7, beginners welcome.

**Starting Oct 7, our Tuesday nights will be a 10-week series of meditation instruction, with each week building on what was taught the previous week.  These are still drop-in evenings, but it is recommended that you attend at least the first 4 weeks before going further.  RSVP required, $108 for the whole series - please see our Meetup page for details and to save your spot!


   Tuesdays and Thursdays are open to anyone, newbies, visitors, occassional meditators, etc.  [Tuesdays will be closed from July 8-Sept 30 for the Hinayana Class in progress]. These evenings are fully guided so they're a great opportunity to learn how to meditate.  Those who attend on a consistent basis, over several months, will learn a variety of body-based and traditional sitting meditation practices.  The teacher will use language that is accessible to anyone, regardless of background.  You can sit in a chair or on a cushion, meditation works either way.  It is very important that anyone who attend our group reads through the Orientation Page before their first visit.


   We also do book discussions/potluck evenings.  We're currently working with "Touching Enlightenment: Finding Realization in the Body" by Reggie Ray.  Details and study questions are posted on our meetup page.


   Our drop-in schedule will likely last into the spring or early summer of this year, until the next 3 month Buddhist Foundations teaching series begins (date TBD).  This course teaches the foundational principles of Buddhism and introduces one to other aspects of our lineage.  Those with a serious interest in dharma training will want to consider taking part in this at that time.

Our Schedule, Location, and How to Join our Mailing List

It is highly recommended that you create a free Meetup.com profile and join Meetup.com/DharmaOceanDenver (our public calendar) - this is how you can receive regular weekly schedule updates, and be part of the mailing list to hear from Sean or other community members.


Please click here for our public Tuesday night calendar. Please RSVP on the event page for the evening you plan to attend and also read the detailed description for that evening, as sometimes there's a specific teaching or practice being introduced.  Our Meetup page is our main communication tool.  Last minute cancellations go out to those who have RSVP'd for an event.


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